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  • Video: Another reason to protect and promote our hedgerows.
  • The Barn Owl is a Red-listed Bird of Conservation Concern in Ireland. Declines in their populations are linked to the intensification of farming practices which have resulted in a reduction in the quality and quantity in foraging habitat. This video explores the habitats which Barn Owls depend on and how to create and enhance habitats for Barn Owl, which will have benefits for a wide range of biodiversity.

  • Hedgerows Ireland group invited to Leinster House
  • Hedgerows Ireland group invited to Leinster House

  • Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine.
  • Hedgerows Ireland were invited to a Hearing of the Joint Committee on Agriculture Food and the Marine on 9 February entitled 'Hedgerows, Carbon and Biodiversity'.

  • Sign the Petition!
  • Hedgerows Ireland have been working hard to get proper payments in the new CAP schemes for good hedgerow management. Now we're turning our attention to better protection for these linear woodlands which are so vital in so many ways. Please sign the petition-- and share!

  • CAP: Hedgerows’ important role in climate-change mitigation ‘overlooked’
  • Hedgerows Ireland have been working hard to amend the latest CAP schemes to include payment for hedgerow quality.

  • Meeting with the Ministers
  • We have had recent meetings in February 2021 with Ministers of State Malcolm Noonan and Pippa Hackett

  • Irish Rail Protest
  • Irish Rail's unnecessary removal of hedgerow along the Limerick to Waterford railway line