road with hedgerows on both sides

Hedgerows Ireland

We are a non governmental organisation that formed in 2019 to protest against hedgerow removal by Irish Rail contractors in Co. Tipperary. We have since developed into a national organisation that addresses all aspects of hedgerows in Ireland.

Hedgerows are key to solving or improving many of the challenges facing our countryside.

  • Carbon capture.
  • Habitat corridors for a very wide range of bird, animal and invertebrate species including many threatened ones.
  • Flood and drought reduction, water filtration.
  • Shelter.
  • Beauty and landscape identity.

But currently they are poorly served by farm payment schemes which have had little effect to date in incentivising good quality hedgerows. They are also very badly protected in law and by the state bodies entrusted with the roles of controlling their removal or abuse.

What the organisation does?

We are a young organisation and are in the process of establishing our core aims and goals. We expect that our main activities will be:

  • Lobbying, petitioning and campaigning for both better legal protection and financial incentivisation of hedgerows.
  • Providing an online resource with links to educational material.
  • A forum for sharing of experiences, knowledge, ideas etc including links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.